Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Toffee Pops Moosie Story

Shot from Temple looking over to Avalanche peak.

Today I did make scones which was just as well, as I needed the energy to dig the 50cm of snow off the driveway just in time for the roading contractor to show up with his bulldozer/loader, and finished the job in two minutes flat - and then ran over one of the posts of the new fence. Its funny how life just seems to balance out huh?

Anyway the other thing that happened today was that I made soup. I tried a new mix which consisted mostly of onions and carrots- so lets just say it's bigfoots lucky night - he has a bowl waiting for him on the porch. I think it's time for some online supermarket browsing, as I'm running out of food.

I mentioned my food issues to Julie and she said that she had just seen an ad. for toffee pops(chocolate biscuits) on tv. It took a while for me to realise the significance of this - but of course it was because of Toffee pops that we met!!!

This happened - Years ago in Invercargill when I was shopping for groceries and there in the cookie isle was this fantastic tall slim blonde girl holding the only packet of toffee pops. Then she put them back on the shelf. As that was just what I was after I put the packet in my basket. Then she says:
"I think I've changed my mind, can I have those back?"
So then anyway we then had this big conversation about whether if you touch the packet first then you are more entitled to change your mind sort of thing...

We then got to talking and it turns out we went to the same school, and got talking about teachers we had. She ended up buying the toffee pops, but we met for coffee the next day and then kept meeting for coffee until we were hanging out with each other all the time.

So yeah thats the Toffee Pops Moosie story.


moosie said...

I am sooooo glad we had that conversation.mmmmmmm but who ate the toffee pops:-) glad we didn't meet over the bananas and grapes, giggle, enjoy reading snoels mountain stories, I am so pround of you. Have a great day, love u.
love moosie, I still have bigger arm muscles than you, giggle :-)

Noel Oien said...

I'm very pround of you too!