Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DNA tests prove possum is actually bigfoot!!!!!

Dude! Like whoa man. These guys out in California found a heap of fur and guts an stuff, so like any God fearing full blooded swear allegance to the flag watchers of CSI they did a DNA test on it to determine that it was 96% possum!!!!!!

Whoa man - think about that! That means - according to the Californians - you heard it here first - that there is a 4% chance that my possum is actually bigfoot!!!!
My God. I better put the jug on, cause surely the scientists down at the University of Canterbury are going to stop chasing the Cragieburn Jaguar and come up to hunt for Bigfoot. And I have the photo evedence to prove it right here on the blog!!!!! Right dude. Into action - I'm off to bake some scones!! this is going to be bigger than Paddy's Moa!!!!!!!!!

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