Sunday, August 17, 2008

Skiing Goldney Ridge Chute

Today the Southerly came through, and typically cleared the skys over the pass. I took to opportunity to get out and hike up to Temple Car park. When I got there I checked conditions and they seemed pretty solid. The pack has consolidated a little more and there were mostly class one sluffs on NW Aspects. Then I spotted a wide open chute at the end of the Goldney Ridge that was just asking to be skied. So why not! Above are some photos of that, plus after that I skinned to above the first goods lift tower and skied that. That side of the valley was a lot softer.

It was great to really be putting the SR8s through their paces in consistent powder conditions. After a few turns I really got the hang of them. Shovelling snow for seven days has to have some rewards!!!!!

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