Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ski touring in the Valley

Today I asked Morgan to come over and help me shift snow off the roof. I really appreciated the help as I must say its been a never ending job. I managed to watch some rugby at the Wobbly and then helped Tim run the goods lift for Temple. Tim is in the photo above.

Later in the afternoon I even managed to get out on my skis. Some guys (one was John Pascoe) were doing an extended figure of eight in the bealy valley. Once the track was in it was pretty easy going. Then I figured it was pretty packed down under the trees, so I skinned up the Bridal Veil track. I put my helmet on for that bit! I got as far as the bridge over the Bridal Veil stream, so used that as an escape route! It was kind of a different experience wading out the creek in skiboots pushing through chest deep snow, but it was an effective 'out' to the journey. I then skinned to daisy flat and then walked down the road. It kind of felt like Man vs Wild only 10 mins from home which was nice!

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