Monday, September 22, 2008

Still a small World here in NZ

Sometimes we are reminded just how small NZ is. For example I was just checking the Teton AT blog when TV 1 rang me and asked me if it was windy here in Arthur's Pass, and if it was likely that any roofs would blow off! Ah no. Sorry. The orographic effect, or the effect of raising moist air over the mountains combines with a katabatic effect over the Canterbury plains to create increasingly higher winds as they travel towards the coast ie the hot dry NW ers that Canterbury is famous for.I suggested they try mid Canterbury ie Darfield.

Anyway, Rando steve has a good write up on his blog regarding the new Dynafits coming out with a DIN of 12. The whole reluctance thing with Dynafits, I think is mental. I've just had my first season on a pair of speedlites and they are perfect, however it did take me a while to get my head around a couple of mental factors:
(1) They are harder to put on. Yes, but after a while you get used to them and they are actually about the same as alpine bindings.
(2) The system fits better with ski touring. Ie you don't have to take skis off at the top, when it is least convenient, but do have to down the bottom, when you are either going to stop skiing, or put skins on for another lap.
(3) No breaks aren't a problem if you think about what you are doing and use the following system: Never have more than one ski off your foot at a time (unless stopping) keep your skins on your skis, if you are bootbacking them.

The weight they save make backcoutry travel more effective and efficient, and therefore safer in all regards. So brother and sister - I know you will read this. Get yourselves some Dynafits this season!

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