Monday, September 22, 2008

RedBull - Backcountry???

I've put a link on my video list to the Redbull Backcountry Kicker Film- What the hell? You may ask yourself? Lets just think about this now. Oh! Now I get it - we're competing in the DARWIN AWARDS! But not only that, lets build a 30m kicker. Why? Cause we got a 30m sign that says redbull, oh and a helicopter too, and a snow mobile, oh, and a GROOMER! If the slopes is groomed can you still call it the "Backcountry' - er NO!

Lets not mention the RedBull mission to ski down Mt Cook, which they actually did, but then when they got in their helicopter to go home they put their TWENTY bags of rubbish out the door of the hut. Nice one. I wonder if RedBull have ever heard of leave no trace - I'm thinking a fat 'no' on that one.

My favourite part of the film is where Travis Rice says : 'I'm here, it's here, we gotta make this thing happen'.And then he lands on his ass - sums the whole show up for me. yup.

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