Thursday, September 11, 2008

Snow Stakes and ice screw practice

Today I had a nice little group from a North Canterbury rural school. We walked the Dobson nature walk in the morning and learnt how to make emergency shelters in the afternoon. After work I shot up the Bealy valley to survey the damage left by the snow, and there is quite a lot of trees down and avalanches that have crossed the valley floor and gone up the other side of the valley. The river is still completely covered in some areas as you can see in the photo.

I'm feeling a little better today after having a bit of a fever over the last few days. I've been doing heaps of work for my alpine one, so apologies to everyone I haven't spoken to in a while!


Duncan said...

So what happened last weekend Noel?
Trust you are keeping well.

Noel Oien said...

Sorry mate - Life seems to have caught up with me lately. Big congrates to you for taking out the Craigieburner! Sounds like it was pretty good by all accounts. Hope the Craigieburn Travers went well too????

GTG said...

the travers was sweet! wish you had made it!!
How was your alpine one?