Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back to life after Alpine One Assessment

Well I had my alpine One assessment with the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association over last weekend. On thursday we had a general knowledge quiz which was quite fun. Then on Friday morning we headed off into the mountains to demonstrate our personal skills. Each candidate was given a navigation leg and told to travel to a particular location. We all managed this ok and ended up summiting MT Manson for the evenings activities which included a avalanche transciever search in the dark. On satuday we cut steps, climbed with crampons and made snow anchors. The technical skills were quite fun and I learned heaps about rope work, which will be quite handy here at AP. On Saturday we were each given a further Navigation Leg, and returned to our accomodation at the Cragieburn environmental centre. On Sunday we took out a group of students on a mountain experience day and taught them basic mountaineering skills while being assessed.

The whole experience was motivating and beneficial in terms of my learning and development as an alpine instructor. Our assessor was Dave Moore who currently works for the NZ Army.

The photo is from my Copland trip earlier in the year.

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GTG said...

Good job Noel!
Now you gonna come skiing?!