Friday, September 12, 2008

NZOIA Training Day

Today Richie, Steve and I headed down to Broken River to Revise any last minute skills for our Alpine One assessment coming up this weekend. The day proved useful in fine tuning the smaller details. We mostly worked on snow anchors, avalanche safety and transciever searches, as well as some pitch climbing, step cutting and general Alpine chit chat.

On Friday I climbed a route on Goldney Ridge which involved a little snow and ridge travel, which surprisingly took me to summit on the ridge in 2 hours car to car (c2c). As far as loosness of rock and snow went the route had been stable for the past 24hours, and was not exposed to the sun like Broken River was today we saw quite a few wet slides over snow grass. The pack is disappearing rapidly.

Here is a photo of the boys managing a pitch with three on the rope!

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