Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Youtube video of Truck accident

Here is a link to a truck accident video that I attended as part of Arthur's Pass Rural Fire (I'm one of the yellow helmets in yellow overalls). The truck contained bitumen (180degrees), which was spread down the bank at the scene. Our role was mainly in communications between the site and the road, and clearing a track to transport the patient to the helecopter. The helecopter had to fly in under overhanging wires, and up the river valley to access this spot. It was extremely fortunate that St Johns just happened to be there and acted immediately.

Full credits to the guys who produced this video, I think they did an excellent job.

To view the video click on the link on the righthand side of the screen.


Sennakesavan said...
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Carol said...

The truck looks terrible from the crash! I'm glad that David was fine after the accident. I hope he's doing better now.