Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Snow YAHOOOOO!!!

Today at lunchtime I skinned and skied State Highway 73 to the top of the Pass. The trick to this, as I have learned over the last couple of winters is to wait long enough so that there is 10-15cm coverage at least at the sides of the road. This should be enough to close the road to traffic, as was the case today. Then you need to get as high as you are going to go before the road crew bring up 'the big orange grader/grit spreader'. This machine totally stuffs the whole thing up and once it has been over the road a couple of times - all the snow is banked at the sides and it is full of gravel - killer on your skis! It is advisable also, when skiing down to just straight line the whole thing as there is no base for turning. With this knowledge it would be pretty cool to ski the viaduct!! Why not - provided the road is closed! That could be a great objective if the road is totally closed for a half a day.

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