Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today was our last day of good weather for this storm cycle, so we made the most of Mt Cheeseman. Finn and Nick Skied the mountain, and Ruby had a lesson. I even managed to sneak away for a wee skin later in the afternoon with Grant and Gina, who drove down from Auckland yesterday (literally - and summited Ruapehu on the way!) Once Gina told me he had done a 2000km drive in Russia non- stop! Anyway we skinned from the top of the tows over towards Mt. Cheeseman, but then dropped into some tarns down a coliour along the way. Grant made a gutsy choice and was rewarded with a mixed bag of deep powder and ice while Gina and I took a less aggressive option, which was consistent heavy powder to the Tarns. A good short lap. We also bumped into Duncan Sheratte in the morning. He had driven up from Chch at 4 am to skin some powder and was returning to get some work done for the day!!! I hear a rumour Duncan has a blog now!!! Wow these SkiMo blogs are beginning to get popular!!! Photo: Gina and Grant before dropping off the ridge.

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