Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Porter's Speed up is coming up!!!

The first Ski mountaineering race of the season is approaching next Saturday. Between work and family stuff recently I haven't had all the time in the world to prepare, but it's good to have been out on the skis as much as I have! I'm a lot fitter than last year, but so is everyone else! I have better gear than last year... but again everyone who is keen on these races have upgraded to race set ups now so the front pack will be as competitive as ever.

The race formatt itself is a good introductory offer for new racers and also for the season. Basically its three short laps - so thats five transitions! Whoa boy! Its going to be a bloody great sprint out front with the faster competitors lapping the slower ones.

As for me, my down hill transition seems a lot faster now that my boots seem to be co operating after lamenting their performance. They seem to have adjusted their attitude and I got them working a lot faster to click down into ski mode. First time racing on Dynafit bindings too, so its going to be interesting. As for as a placing goes its hard to say... As long as I don't miss the race start ( like the 2007 Cragieburn!) Get lost (Ohau) or fall off the mountain (Cragieburn 2006)Things should be pretty sweet. I'm happy if my transitions go well with all the new gear. As far as a placing goes maybe top five????? Depending on who turns up of course!

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