Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NZOIA Assessment #2

Just had a great few days. On friday I climbed the Otira slide before the weekend crowed could get on it. On Saturday and Sunday I went as a model student on a NZOIA 2 Alpine Assessment weekend. We climbed five pitches up mt Temple and looked at various skills including horozontal handlines and avalanche transiever searches. On Monday, Tuesday I assissted Lincoln College Outdoor Ed. with rigging and running sessions on Rapaki Rock. And yesterday I took a client up Camp saddle and ascended pt 1550 before descending the ridge to the car at the bridge.
The above photos are from the various trips. Now I must turn my attentions to work and cleaning and sorting gear, as the house is looking like a disaster zone.


GTG said...

yeah, better get the house looking good for your house guest next week:-)

The Adventure Channel said...

Nic report and pic!

allcustom said...

It's good to see you here blog. your photos always compliment the writing so well. you inspire me a lot.

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